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Sunday in Michigan - Tamara's Journeys

Sunday in Michigan

November 15th, 2015

Time for new beginnings as I finish my contract in Ironwood and it’s time to start anew. Time to do laundry, clean the refrigerator, pack and find a new home. Again. The process is one I’ve been through since childhood.

Moving far away from family and friends can be tough on a child. In hindsight it has its pros and cons. By moving frequently I learned at an early age how to adjust to new ways of life. We had to get used to new schools, climates and homes. We enjoyed having new museums and parks to explore. The act of moving became a way of life and was an experience that shaped the path I’ve taken. It taught me how to deal with change and how to adjust by looking at change as an adventure. It shaped me from a young girl into a grown woman.

The day my family left Ohio, and each time I’ve moved since, a lot of mixed emotions have gone through my mind. As I take a last look at my home, I remember all the fun times spent with family/friend I had there and want to stay even though I know there are blessings ahead for me.

I drive, looking out the window wondering what my family and friends are doing. Wondering what lays ahead with a mixture of excitement and anxiety of the unknown. During these transition times I can hear my mother’s voice speaking to me as a child reassuring me that everything will be alright, that I will make friends and find things to love about my new town. Life will be different and that’s alright because it will also add to my life. That makes me strong again.

Adjusting to new people and environment had its ups and downs. People talk different, and thought I talked strange, but I adjusted. I was never popular, but I was fine with that. Adjustment to a new lifestyle is a slow but rewarding process.

It’s been a lifelong process that has changed me for the better. I’m happy with where I am in life. I’ve learned to relax and just be myself, and people respect that. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned while moving and adjusting as a child. Those experiences laid the foundation for my career as a successful traveling PTA.

I’m currently working in Michigan, but I feel homesick and want to go back to Florida. My family supports my work as do my friends back home. We’ve all learned to adjust to using modern technology to keep in touch while I’m traveling.

What’s next? Quality time with my family. I can’t wait to spend time with each of them. It’s been too long since we’ve spent time laughing and talking together. Then I’m returning to Ironwood in December. Can you believe it? I’m not sure I can. It’s not Florida, but I might take ski lessons.

Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.