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Sunday in Maine - Tamara's Journeys

Sunday in Maine

June 28th, 2015

I cry! You cry! We all cry for whoopie pie! The annual Whoopie Pie Festival is the most delicious day of the year featuring more than 100 different whoopie pies and is held in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Who can resist rich, creamy icing spread between two soft, delicious cakes? They’ve been a Mainer special confection for years and will be for years to come, and the subject of Friday Funnies last week.

Whoopie Pie Fest 7

I arrived early to get fresh samples before the crowds. There were too many tempting flavors! Carrot cream cheese. Chocolate mint. Pumpkin chocolate chip. Salted Carmel. Molasses ginger. There were also children’s activities, vendors and a whoopie pie eating contest later in the day for entertainment besides the band. I was particularly fond of the carrot-cake whoopies, but then who really can argue with carrot-cream cheese?

Whoopie Pie Fest 1 Whoopie Pie Fest 2 Whoopie Pie Fest 3 Whoopie Pie Fest 4 Whoopie Pie Fest 5 Whoopie Pie Fest 6 Whoopie Pie Fest 8 Whoopie Pie Fest 9 Whoopie Pie Fest 10 Whoopie Pie Fest 11 Whoopie Pie Fest 12 Whoopie Pie Fest 13 Whoopie Pie Fest 14

Satisfied that I was properly sugared up, I packed up my whoopies and headed for the Katahdin Cruise in Greenville. Along the way, on State Route 15 near Guilford I passed the Lowes covered bridge. The original was built in 1857, and washed away by flood in 1987. It was then rebuilt in 1990 with a span of 120 feet over the Piscataquis River.

Guilford Lowes Covered Bridge 1

Greenville moose tour Greenville sign

Greenville is located at the lower end of Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in the state of Maine making it a popular summer destination for tourists. Before tourists arrived, a small steamboat was launched in 1836 to tow logs. And in 1838 the first large lake steamer began operations. In later years, a succession of steamers by the named Katahdin cruised the lake. The current S/S Katahdin was built in 1914 so tourists could enjoy the region’s scenic beauty.

Katahdin 2 Katahdin 3

Yesterday’s three hour cruise traveled up the lake 12 miles to the widest part of the lake, just north of the largest islands on Moosehead Lake. We were lucky the weather was very clear and we were able to get incredible views of Mount Kineo, Mount Katahdin (Maine’s largest) and the Twin Peaks to the left of it. http://www.katahdincruises.com/

Moosehead Lake 1 Moosehead Lake 2 Moosehead Lake 3 Moosehead Lake 4 Moosehead Lake 5 Moosehead Lake 6 Moosehead Lake 7

In 1973, a group of local seaplane pilots and bush pilots from Moosehead Lake got together and established the Greenville International Seaplane Fly-In. The event takes place on the weekend before Labor Day and is a very popular annual attraction that grows larger every year. I’m disappointed that I won’t be around to see that. A couple seaplanes did fly over the Katahdin while I was onboard, however they were too fast to capture with my camera. http://www.seaplanefly-in.org/

On the cruise I had the joy of meeting a friendly group of strangers from Downeast Maine. The interesting thing about meeting strangers is that we tend to put on our happy face when we meet them. The experience made me wonder if more people would interact with a stranger, would they also perk right up? Thereby their own pleasant behavior would possibly erase any bad mood making the world a better place. Should we try it?


Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.