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Historic Worth Avenue

November 17th, 2013
New Wheels

I’ve found my next car!

Bradley's Beach Club

Bradley’s Beach Club is situated in the Beautiful Old Florida Charm of Lake Worth, Florida.

Duke & Duchess of Windsor

Duke and Duchess of Windsor on Worth Ave Palm Beach Florida in 1946.

Everglades Club Armada Room

Since the Everglades Club opened in 1919, non-members have speculated about who is behind it’s doors. This is a photo of the Everglades Club Armada Room.

Everglades Club huge carved doors of this massive building anchoring the west end of Worth Avenue, where America’s elite gathers in the winter.

Everglades Club Patio

Architect Addison Mizner first created the romantic mélange of architectural styles known around the world as “the Palm Beach look at the Everglades Club. This is the patio.


Gus Jordahn ran The Breakers Casino, a bathhouse for swimming, until 1914. In 1923 he replaced his bathhouse with a Spanish style building, with a special pool for the Palm Beach Swimming Club.

Johnnie Brown Tombstone

There are only two marked graves in Palm Beach. They are side-by-side in a restaurant courtyard, just off fancy Worth Avenue. Neither belongs to a human being. The more famous of the admittedly obscure pair is Johnnie Brown, the Human Monkey. Johnnie Brown was the pet spider monkey of Addison Mizner, an eccentric Palm Beach fixture of the roaring twenties. Johnnie Brown would sit on one of Addison’s shoulders, a parrot on the other.

Gus' Baths

Jordahn opened Gus’ Baths at the east end of Worth Avenue, which he expanded to two floors, withshops downstairs and 16 apartments on the second floor. He added a boardwalk with three gazebos, three heated saltwater pools, and a tunnel to the beach. Gus’ Baths was the only bathing beach open year-round in Palm Beach and was popular with West Palm Beach residents.


The Styx, the all-black Northwest neighborhood of West Palm Beach established in 1894 during Flagler’s time.

The Colony Hotel

Everybody knows that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor enjoyed coming to Florida to visit their friends and enjoy a good Polo match. They would usually spend their stay at the Colony Hotel. Over the years the Colony Hotel has been honored with the visit of memorable guests.

Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.