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Friday Funnies

January 20th, 2017

For my last Friday Funnies from New York I’ll share some interesting facts I’ve learned while being in Upstate:

People in NY enjoy Buffalo wings, but they don’t call them that. They’re just called wings here.

Don’t ever compare Wegmans to other grocery stores in Upstate. They’re very particular about the stores they shop at, whether it’s Stewart’s, Hannaford or Price Chopper.

Where does Upstate New York start? I don’t know. You could spend an hour arguing about where NYC ends and Upstate New York begins. Ask 10 people and you’ll get 10 different opinions.

Do people here drink a lot? Oh yeah. Folks here are a rowdy bunch. Whether it’s out on the farm, at a bonfire event or at a sporting event, Upstaters pretty much make alcohol a part of their lives year-round.

Am I near Canada? Buffalo is a couple hours away and sometimes sarcastically called an extension of Montreal, and Toronto is only a 30-minute drive from the state line, so a trip to Canada is a cinch.

Do Upstaters like the Mets or Yankees? While there are a few stragglers here and there, it’s obvious that most Upstaters pull hard for the Yankees. Wouldn’t you, too, if your local team made the playoffs almost every single year?

 New York Giants or Buffalo Bills? It’s split evenly between the Bills and Giants. You’d be hard pressed to find very many Jets fans way upstate.

The worst and most annoying question to ask an Upstater is “Do you live in THE city?” Upstate NY residents know exactly how long it takes to get to THE city, and can tell you within 15 minutes how long it takes, no matter if it’s summer or there’s 2 feet of snow on the ground.

Are there many wineries in Upstate? The region has what’s been called some of the best wineries in the world. From the Finger Lakes, all the way through the Adirondack valleys, you can get everything from traditional to blueberry, cherry and raspberry wines from one of many vintners who really know their stuff. Locals believe there’s nothing like sipping wine all the time.

When trying to get around Upstate New York you can expect to get directions that involve a barn, a Wegmans and “the third road past the river” when you’re passing through or on vacation.

So if you’re planning a vacation look no further than Upstate New York for beautiful scenery, high quality wines and outdoor activities – keep in mind it might involve drinking.



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  • dad says on: January 21, 2017 at 7:41 am


    Wyoming sounds more attractive. That was a really good impression tour of NY. Now the question is “Where from NY?” Looking forward to the real response. So are you?

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