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Friday Funnies

August 19th, 2016

A thunderstorm ripped through Lake Crystal Thursday afternoon causing power outages, downed trees, flooding and multiple car wrecks. Thankfully I was only affected by the power and internet outage until now. Which gave me time to think of the following scenario:

A thunderstorm floods your whole neighborhood and your electricity goes out. You must leave your house. So you have to go into another house near you. Would you go to the green house, blue house or purple house??? (Just pick any color house)

Now you are in the ________ house. You can’t leave and must enter a room in the house. In this house there are 3 rooms. In the first room you will get murdered. In the second room you will get kidnapped for life but still live. In the third room you will get electrocuted. Which room will you go into???????

ANSWER: If you go into the third room where you get electrocuted, you will live because there is no electricity in the whole neighborhood LOL! Didn’t see that coming, or did you?

Q What do electricians chant when they meditate? A: Ohm.

Have an electric weekend fellow dreamers!






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Journeys as great as the destinations.