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Friday Funnies

June 5th, 2015

It’s the last day of school for my niece and nephews. The day they’ve been looking forward to for 9 months. Where did the time go? They’ve grown so much. By the end of today they’ll be grumpy from spending the last three hours of the school day looking at the clock anxiously. That’s no way to start summer vacation. But funny school memories are!

I remember being in grade school. And on the last day of school my teacher allowing us to have an extra long recess. I loved being able to run, jump and do anything besides sitting at my desk.

There was a little boy in class who was also enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Suddenly, Mark jumped from the swing he was on, ran over to the teacher and declared, “Teacher, I ain’t ever going to third grade! I don’t want to EVER go!”

The teacher gave him a hug and looked down at little Mark adoringly and said, “You’re going to like the third grade as much as you liked the second grade. I promise.”

“Huh?” He was baffled as a little boy could be. At last he resumed, “No Ma’am! I ain’t EVER leaving these good swings!” LOL Boys!

Then there was the time that a little girlfriend of mine was going to share her animal stickers with me on the last day of school.

She said, “Here’s a reward for you.” Sounding just like the teacher did when we received good merit stickers. So naturally I played along, “How nice. A reward for me? What ever did I do to deserve this?”

Never looking up she arranged the stickers on top of my desk. “Go ahead,” she said, “pick the one you want. You’ve been a good friend.” She must be a teacher today, because again she sounded just like the teacher. Especially with her final instruction: “Remember, you can lick it and stick it anywhere you want – just not on your desk or your good school books.”



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  • Sas says on: June 5, 2015 at 6:18 am


    LOL a coulpe of times.

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Journeys as great as the destinations.