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Devotions from Baba’s Front Porch: Serving - Tamara's Journeys

Devotions from Baba’s Front Porch: Serving

February 22nd, 2017

And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant to all.” Mark 9:35

We all want to do the BIG things for God, don’t we? We watch people go from obscurity to going viral after a Facebook video, and we think that’s what it looks like to be used by God. We hear of someone living among the poor, and suddenly our daily sacrifices don’t feel so impressive. Sometimes it seems as if everyone else is doing BIGGER things for God.

We might be tempted to view our day-to-day tasks as mundane. Or we might analyze our responsibilities and deem some of them holy and some of them boring. If we listen to the world, we’ll begin to believe that the little acts of service don’t matter and that everyone else is living a more glamorous life than we are.

The fact is, there are moments when we must wash the dishes, bath our children, and clean up whatever mess spilled on the floor. Those are the moments that our life might feel menial. But sometimes ministry is in the mess. And sacredness is in the serving.

We live in a culture of competition; that appears to only respect first place. Whether is a sporting event, a black Friday shopping line, or an airline boarding pass, we like to be in front and we’ll Tweet about being first. Even if you don’t Tweet, don’t we all want just a little of the spotlight for ourselves sometimes? The problem comes when these feelings of entitlement carry over into other areas of our lives. Perhaps we’re only happy to serve if we get “Likes” for doing so. But that isn’t service at all. True servanthood begins in the heart. And we must decide if we want glamour for ourselves or glory for the Lord.

Lord, teach me humility, and give me a servant’s heart.


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