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Devotions from Baba's Front Porch: Donuts - Tamara's Journeys

Devotions from Baba’s Front Porch: Donuts

November 2nd, 2016

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

Some things are hard to comprehend. Donuts are a perfect example, since I’m eating one right now. Do you know what the hole in the center of a donut is called? I don’t know either and I wish I could ask Baba. I’ll bet she might know. I mean, I don’t get it. It should be called: wasted space where there should be more donut. True, most of us enjoy donuts just the way they are. I’m just saying that there’s room for more pumpkin donut.

Donuts aren’t the only source of confusion in this world. Every day we see things that we don’t understand. Hungry children and sick parents. Job losses. Friends who betray us and spouses that walk away. This world can be overwhelming at times.

So many things are beyond our comprehension. Our finite minds were not made to understand all the intricacies of God’s creation. Even Solomon, with all his wisdom, admitted that there was much that he didn’t understand.

Accepting that we cannot possibly understand everything is how we’re able to make it through certain seasons. When we look at a situation and cannot make sense of it at all, it would be terribly frustrating if we thought that we were seeing the whole picture. We can find comfort in knowing that much more is going on. In the midst of our confusion, we can know that God is up to something bigger, and we can trust Him completely to be in control.

We just need to trust Him.



  • dad says on: November 2, 2016 at 6:17 am


    I understand perfectly.

  • Shelley Arminski says on: November 2, 2016 at 11:40 am


    How true! As the old hymn states “through it all I have learned to trust in Jesus”.
    May you have a blessed favored day Tamara.

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Journeys as great as the destinations.