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Friday Funnies

July 21st, 2017

A lot of hail fell north of Rapid City Tuesday evening. The Black Hills are notorious for hail. This is because the freezing level is closer to the ground than in the plains of central and eastern South Dakota. We should get a break from the hail as dry skies are forecasted for the rest of the week, which leaves me laughing:

A blonde was driving across South Dakota one night when she suddenly found herself in the middle of a bad hail storm. The hailstones were the size of golf balls. Her car was dented beyond description.

The next day, she took it to a repair shop. Noticing that she was blonde, the technician decided to have some fun.

He told her to take the car home and blow real hard into the tailpipe and the dents would pop out.

When she got home, she started blowing into the tailpipe as she was instructed. At that moment, her blonde girlfriend drove by and saw her puffing on the tailpipe.

Thinking the worst, the friend was startled and said, “What are you doing?”

She said that the man at the body shop told her to blow into the tail pipe real hard and the dents would pop out.

Her girlfriend said, “Well, duhhhhhh! You need to roll up the windows first!”


Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.