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Friday Funnies

June 24th, 2016

In Nevada children study the gold rush in history class. That’s right: money, greed, and the founding of a state on the backs of individuals who fell for a dream of instant riches. In tribute to Nevada’s past, I offer these minor miner jokes:

Q: What’s are the three rules of finding gold? A: Mine, mine, mine.

Q: Why did the miner take a balloon ride in a thunderstorm? A: He heard that every cloud has a silver lining.

Q: Why did the miner stay in Nevada instead of moving northwest? A: Because he didn’t like the sound of a place called “Ore-gone”

Q: Why are so many gold-diggers children? A: Because it’s the only profession open to minors.

Q: What do you call the diggers with no clothes on? A: Strip miners.

Q: Why does everyone love gold? A: You can’t help but dig it.

Q: Why did the student pan for gold all night long? A: His mother told him, “You’d better finish your homework, ore else!”

Q; Why was silver more popular than gold? A: Everyone dug the silver, but panned the gold.

Q: Why couldn’t the miner ever find gold? A: He looked and looked, but searched in vein.

Q: What did they call the miner that threw himself down his mine shaft? A: A claim jumper.

Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.