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Friday Funnies

November 20th, 2015

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Instead, the furnace went out TWICE as I layed awake listening for it to run … or not. After coaxing it to start this morning and taking another hot shower to get warm I decided the subject of today’s Friday Funnies was obvious. LOL

There’s an old joke about a chalet owner in Bessemer, MI whose furnace went out in the middle of the winter. He called the repairman who came over and went down into the basement. He carefully measured a certain distance down the ductwork. Then he opened his toolbox, pulled out a huge hammer and smacked the side of the duct.

“Try it now.” To the chalet owner’s amazement, the furnace came on.

The furnace repairman sent a bill for $10,000. The chalet owner who had watched the entire thing was naturally upset. “I want an itemized bill!”

The bill came back:

Hitting with the hammer………………………………..$5 KNOWING where to hit with the hammer…..$9,995 ———————————————————- $10,000


During a blizzard, a parishioner of a Marquette parish was in a bad accident near Ironwood.  The priest and nun from Marquette were driving to Grandview Hospital to visit their parishioner. As they were driving weather conditions got worse and worse. Finally they decided they would have to stay over for the night because the roads were so bad.  The only motel they could find was already full of stranded travelers.

The clerk told the priest “Since you are a priest and all, I will give you a room for the night, but I just can’t give you each a separate room, you will have to make do with two beds in one room.”

The priest thanked him and payed for the room.  During the night the heat went out. Luckily there were a lot of blankets in the closet.  After a while, the nun called out, “Father, Father, I’m cold”, and the priest got another blanket and put it on her.  After a while longer, she said “Father, I’m cold, can you get me another blanket,” so he did.  After a while, she again asked for a blanket.  This time the priest responded “I think in the situation we should pretend to be husband and wife in order to keep warm.”

The nun was stunned and didn’t think it was appropriate, but he was the priest, so she really couldn’t argue.  She said “O.K., father, if you are sure it’s proper we can pretend to be husband and wife” to which he responded: “SO GET YOUR OWN BLANKET!”



Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.