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Veteran’s Day

November 11th, 2015

In the 1950’s President Eisenhower signed legislations changing the official name of Armistice Day to Veterans Day. This change would allow for recognition of those serving in uniform in the future as well as the past.

For those who died, we must never forget. For those who were wounded, we are duty bound to help them return their lives to as smoothly as possible. And for the rest, those who served but were fortunate enough to come home unscathed, we sincerely thank them for their service.

Join me today, Veterans Day, to thank him or her for their service when you meet a veteran. Without them, the freedom which we take for granted would have disappeared under tyranny long ago. Thank you Woodrow Cox (Pa), Terry Cox, John Squire Drendel, Glen Constantine, Barry Constantine, Mike Paschkes, Nick Kunynskyj, John Ott, John Salton …

Let’s pray for our Veterans:

Oh Lord, Thank you for the thousands of men and women who have accepted the call to serve their country in our Armed Forces.

For those who have departed, bless their souls and keep their memories alive within us so that we might always remember their contributions to our freedom.

For those who remain with us, help us to always honor them and respect their courage and devotion to duty.

Further, dear God, help us to always give special tribute to those who were killed or wounded on our behalf and for us to use their example to maintain our commitment to our faith in God and our freedom to follow God’s will. May we always have the courage to fight for freedom and dignity, no matter how difficult and costly the struggle.




Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.