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I’ll Do It My Way: The Burden of Self-Reliance

May 5th, 2014

The Lord is my Shepherd. Psalm 23:1

In Florida there are many weekend golfers who used to like to say they can swing a club like Tiger Woods. That’s saying a lot. Golf, like the nylon running shorts seen on runners along A1A, reveal a lot about a person.

Too much stubbornness. Whack! Too much independence. Clang! Too much self-reliance. Plop! Can you relate? As humans we want to do things our way. Forget the easy way. Forget the common way. Forget the best way or even God’s way. We want to do it our way. And that’s precisely our problem.

Yet, sheep are obstinate. Of all God’s creatures, the sheep is the least capable of caring for itself. They can’t be trained and they’re defenseless. Sheep don’t have fangs, they can’t outrun you and you’ll never hear of a national sports team called the Lambs. Who wants to be a lamb?

Surely David could have come up with a more appealing metaphor. After all he beat Goliath. How about: “The Lord is my commander, and I am his warrior.” At least a warrior sounds important. But David remembered his days as a shepherd. He remembered how he lavished his attention on the sheep day and night. How he watched over them.

The way David cared for his sheep reminded him of how God cares for us. David rejoiced in saying, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Happy to be the Lord’s sheep.

If we look back over our lives, we couldn’t always control our moods. Maybe a few of our relationships are shaky. We have fears and faults. We aren’t capable of being self-reliant. We NEED a shepherd. Otherwise Psalm 23 might be more like: I am my own shepherd. I am always in need….Surely misery and misfortune will follow me, and I will live in self-doubt for the rest of my lonely life.

We NEED a shepherd. We NEED the Lord. Why would we resist Him when scripture says do it God’s way. Experience tells us, do it God’s way. And every golfer in Heaven begs, “Aye, do it God’s way!”


Tamara's Journeys

Journeys as great as the destinations.